Delaware Turkish-American Day Reception at the Delaware Legislative Hall

MAFTAA (Mid-Atlantic Federation of Turkish-American Associations Assembly) held the Turkish Day reception on April 27th at the Delaware Legislative Hall in Dover.

Governor Markell attended the 2010 Delaware Turkish-American Cultural Reception, organized by the Mid-Atlantic Federation of Turkic American Associations.

Having been hosted by Georgetown Rep. Joseph Booth, the reception received several lawmakers and senior officials including Governor Jack Markell and the Speaker of The House of Representatives Rep. Robert Gilligan. Excellent examples of rich Turkish culture, music and cuisine were represented in the reception. Among those the art of marbling and calligraphy were the ones which received the most interest where attendees formed long queues to take samples of marbling and have their names written with the art of calligraphy. After Gov. Jack Markell delivered a speech to the audience where he appreciated the contributions of Turkish-American community in Delaware, MAFTAA President Faruk Taban presented their calligraphic gift to the governor.

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